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To date, I have visited tree different Cabella’s on three different occasions in my life. I suspect my visit rate will go up in the future.

In the home stretch of our cross-country move, we stopped by the Cabella’s in West Virginia. While on previous visits, I did not find the store interesting, I realized that now, I have a whole lot of interest in a lot of their merchandise.

This one had the gun library with fancy specimens of all kinds, and additionally a whole lot of consignment pieces.


We went looking at the shotgun options with a friendly rep who happened to be left-eye dominant. It turns out that I want a “youth stock” for my shotgun.

You know, this is the sort of thing that keeps a lot of people out of shooting sports. It’s hard to beat a stereotype when the available equipment reinforces the stereotype. Options are limited for lefties, shorties, and people with taste. If you don’t fall too far from the average clientele, you have tons of options available, but those who don’t fit the mold of typical gun owner are left with some uncomfortable choices.

Oh well, fortunately I don’t have a problem using a youth stock. I still look forward to the day manufacturers will sell to a wider market.


We also thought we’d look through a few scopes. It turns out $200 can get you a decent model to start off with. But wow, two scopes with the same specs are NOT necessarily the same. Apparently it’s all in the fancy coatings. I was looking through the various scopes, which were all pretty good and a market improvement on the cheap one we already have, and then I picked up Leupold’s VX-R 3.9x40mm FireDot. WOW. Couldn’t put that down. This is going to go with me from gun to gun.


Yep, now I’m prone to spending money at Cabella’s.