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I will be entering my first carbine competition on Saturday. This will be the second time I’ll be taking my PS90 out so I’m kind of nervous. At least the red dot is zeroed in and ready to go for the short range portions.

It turns out you need a lot of gear for these competitions. In addition to having 3 magazines and the red dot, we picked up a sling so I can do the portion where you drag a dummy across the ground as part of the scenario (SERIOUSLY??? That is so cool!). Once my lovely Leupold gets zeroed in, I’ll be able to swap it out with the red dot as the distance changes.

Similarly, prepping for pistol competitions, I have a couple (not enough!) magazines for my Walther P22 and ordered in a new holster (I still don’t get who thought up the term “Third Eye” stance….) and get this! a glowing-green fiberoptic front sight! Frickin’ laser beams!

On a side note, the Skyfall trailer has me really excited about practicing doubletaps or, the new convention of 2+1. Drool! I literally asked “Can he do that?!” as I had a suspicion the speed was only possible in movies. Yet another thing I can work on!

I I’m kind of glad he’s still using the PPK but given he’s drinking Heineken, maybe he should just move to a Glock.

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I was moving across the country. Our last day was the day we took our two friends to the range for the first time. We took them to the range that we thought we’d be able to use the FN PS90. Unfortunately, we were wrong. The caliber was right, but it was a “rifle” and not a “pistol”. Welp.

We started our trek, planning to meet some friends in Boise and going to an outdoor range, but got out of town way later than we expected.


Ok, let’s try this again! We were meeting a friend near Wichita (Fort Riley) and planned to meet other friends in Indianapolis.  Found a range that should let us use the PS90 in St. Louis so we planned to stay in Kansas City and hit up the range early in the morning.

That random place turned out to be Ultimate Defense Firing Range and Training Center.

Now of course, they get points for letting us use the PS90 indoors when other ranges don’t for arbitrary and non-arbitrary reasons. But these guys are just so helpful that I really enjoyed my stay. Friendly, easygoing yet serious, and well informed, the staff are great. They had a nice selection of rentals with nice rental rates. If I were in the area, I’d definitely be back.


We tried zeroing this in. Sadly, we only had 25 yards to play with, but this might be an indication of what options will be realistically available. Zeroing it in took more bullets than expected. This is not something I understand yet.

We put a red dot on it, which was damn easy to use. Target acquisition was so fast! I do need to dim it next time though, the dot and the ring around it covered up most of the target, so I couldn’t really see the thing that I was actually shooting at. But my response to feedback was reassuring. Pop off three rounds, have a look, adjust relative to the entire paper target, and repeat.

Unfortunately the iron sight option that came with the gun was holes in a tube. I didn’t even realize it was there at first. I took one look down that thing and said “no”.

Overall I love my gun. It’s super easy and very fun. The only part that’s a downside is the long trigger pull. It’s not just long. It’s uneven. There’s two points where it requires more pressure so it kind of feels like pulling three triggers. At the final one, it actually fires. I don’t know if this is going to be a benefit or detriment learning on this gun.

I’m looking forward to using it in obstacle courses.


FN Five-Seven

We also rented the five-seven. Also very easy, also low recoil. The only problem we had with it was that the extended magazine (yeah, 30 rounds) was a point of feed failure. The first couple rounds kept jamming. One other minor detail that I noticed was that the factory iron sights suck.

It’s pretty solid, it has nice controls, but it just feels kind of… bland to shoot.

The main reasons I wanted this gun was to match my PS90 (and of course, black on black). After using it, I’m not real sure now. The bullet is an uncomfortable size. It may in some cases fall through the cracks in competitions; distinctly larger than a .22 but technically not as wide as 9mm. Ehhh, I think it’s moving down my list of desired weapons. I’ll want one to match, but I don’t see myself using it a lot.

Back to the shop
Great place. I highly recommend it. They even gave me a free Sig Sauer hat!

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Last Saturday, we took two of our friends out shooting for the first time.

When first time gun users go out there, it never seems to be quite what they expect, even those of open minds. People who aren’t as keen about the idea of others being armed tend to appreciate the amount of safety that is gone over, repeatedly.

When introducing people to guns for the first time, it’s a good idea to go over the weapons in some private, quiet place away from the range so that there are less distractions and people can focus on the particulars of each gun.

It also helps that we now have a nice selection of weapons to let people try out, so that they can immediately see that there are different kinds so if you don’t like the first one, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like to shoot at all.

I was sharing a lane with one of the new people and I was a bit embarrassed that there didn’t seem to be much of a difference in our groupings. Turns out it’s not me—she’s a natural! She has such a naturally calm and easygoing nature that she can follow instructions without being distracted by pressure to perform or anything.

It is ironic that tools designed for use in the most stressful circumstances are better used with increasing calm.

I can see how some people are naturally good at this. I also know that I’m a pretty high-strung and nervous person. But like many activities, learning to enter a calm state leads to obvious rewards.

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I am taking the PS90 out for the first time Thursday and I am SO excited! We picked up a holographic sight for it that fits the aesthetic as if it were built for this gun!

In other news, I am really into the idea of a bolt action rifle with exquisite woodwork.

So excited!