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We went out to the long distance range to get initiated into the club. This was the first gun club I ever joined.

Different clubs have different attitudes, and I think that this goes deeper than the type of guns and games. Each one has a different personality. This particular range is about serious business. People show up, they get down to the serious business of the day, then they head out. They are friendly enough, but it was made clear in the initiation meeting that they aren’t here to hold a picnic.

I’m writing this report about 2 weeks later so my memory is a little hazy. This’ll teach me not to dawdle and let memory fade.

First, we spent some time helping around the place while we waited for an event to clear out and free up some space. Then we zeroed in my PS90 at 50 yards.

Then we went out to the longer range to check out how much drop there was at 200 and 300 yards. This is the range where I had a tough time in the carbine competition with my red dot, but today I had my beautiful zeroed in scope with me.

At two hundred yards, I did well enough. It was pretty satisfying. I was surprised at my ability to get those shots on paper even though, as I watch my sight picture fade in and out, it felt and looked like I was going all over the place. From the way it shook around, you’d have thought I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Reducing the zoom a little helped with the mental portion of the activity.

At 200 yards it was going pretty straight with little drop. At 300 it was well… dropping significantly.

My trigger pulls are too fast. I haven’t gotten down to the testudine slowness of a person who knows what they’re doing. The PS90’s trigger is still a little disconcerting because of how it seems to ‘catch’ at two points before it finally clicks. It’s not very smooth! But I seem to be getting used to it a bit—I notice it less now than I used to. I’m going to a rifle training this weekend. I’m prepared to have worn out arm muscles and better discipline.