18. October 2012 · Comments Off on Three-Gun for the Masses · Categories: Competition, Staffing

Wow, am I behind. I did this event in September. I feel compelled to write about it though.

I got to see the other side of the fence, helping run a huge event for our range (the one we use for rifles). It had over 150 participants and a whole lot of volunteers. I didn’t get to set up the stages because of schedules and other difficulties, but I got to help run one of the stages. I am grateful for this experience. I got to see what it’s like to be on the other side, trying to enforce safety, and keep people moving at the same time. It’s definitely a different experience when you are the worrying about who’s pointing their barrel the wrong way. And on top of that, there were a whole lot of low-experience people that needed a lot of reminders. I caught one guy resting the end of his barrel on his foot. Yeah.

This was a lot of fun. There eight stages that used a rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, or a combination. There was also one air rifle stage (and it was set up as a shot house!). A great variety of sets and scenarios. I wish I could have shown up earlier to help build, and to help ahem, test, the stages! Next time!

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