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We attended another Appleseed event. The husband ended up walking out of there with an orange hat, as an instructor-in-training. We brought along a bunch of our friends and had a great time overall.

This was an unusual variation on the theme of Appleseed. I ended up renting a gun because of how this place was set up. They didn’t have one with a scope available for me unfortunately, but there was the red dot. The instructor was kind enough to adjust for me and gave me larger targets. My goal was to work on tightening up my groups so that next time I had something better to work with when I had more appropriate equipment.

Working with the rifle is reassuring. There are a lot of limitations for me but, with the right optic, it levels the playing field. I just need to get the right zoom to get even with other peoples’ eyes. Red dots are amazing! And I am loving my scope. I am confident that with enough practice, I can learn to read the wind as good as anyone, and factor it in.

We went on another scouting trip to Cabela’s. I focused on looking through their scopes to find what adjustment features, ladders, etc. I could use. I found a ladder that would work but it’s an order of magnitude more expensive than I can afford right now. Well one of these days when I get a high-powered rifle of my own, I know what to put on it!

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